Terms of Service

1. Privacy

LearnDash values your privacy. As such, LearnDash agrees to maintain a privacy policy that will identify the types information collected and stored by LearnDash, how the information is collected, who has access to the stored information, and who LearnDash may share the information with. See LearnDash’s Privacy Policy for full details.

2. License

In order to use the software provided in connection with these Terms, and to receive services from LearnDash, you are required to purchase an annual license (“Site License”). Each Site License entitles you to install the software on one (1), up to 10, or up to 25 domains and receive the other benefits listed here based on the package you purchased. Installing LearnDash on a sub-domain or in a sub-folder counts as a unique site. Installing LearnDash on a WordPress multi-site website where members of the network receive their own installation of LearnDash is not prohibited. However, LearnDash’s support staff will only offer support to the primary Site License holder or where the domain owner (network manager or network member) has purchased their own Site License. Upon receipt of your payment, LearnDash will issue you a license key and login credentials that will enable you to receive updates and support. These will be delivered in accordance with Section 3 of these Terms. An active Site License is required to continue to receive updates and support.

If your Site License expires or is cancelled, you must purchase a new Site License at the then-current price to regain access to support and updates. Any cancellation or expiration of the Site License will not impact your ability to use the then-current release and version of the software, nor will LearnDash remove any features or functionality of the software with exception of access to the free LearnDash add-ons. An expired Site License means you will not receive support or updates to the software, and LearnDash cannot guarantee the software will remain compatible with future versions of WordPress. Following expiration or cancellation of your Site License, LearnDash will not have any ongoing obligations to assist you with the correction or resolution of any errors, defects, or failure of the software to work.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any updates that add new features or functionality to LearnDash’s software, including new releases, shall be subject to these Terms. You also understand and acknowledge that LearnDash may modify, terminate, suspend, or otherwise adjust any and all functions, features, options, utilities, tools, or other aspects of the software and services at any time without prior notice to you. You understand and agree that the software is provided “AS-IS” and that LearnDash assumes no responsibility for, among other things, availability, timeliness, deletion, failure to store any user data or communications, personalization settings, or changes to the services or software that LearnDash may make from time to time. You are responsible for obtaining access to the services, including updates and support, and that access may involve third-party fees (such as Internet service provider charges). In addition, you must provide and are responsible for all equipment necessary to use the software and to receive updates and support service.

3. Automatic Renewal, Cancellation, and Refund Policy

Unless otherwise previously agreed upon, all Site Licenses renew automatically, provided that you may cancel your Site License at any time by contacting LearnDash’s support. Unless you cancel your Site License within the first Fifteen (15) days of receiving it, you will not entitled to receive a refund of any fees paid by you to LearnDash. Automatic renewal payments are not eligible for a refund. Addons and product upgrades are not applicable for refunds under any circumstance. By cancelling or accepting a refund of the fees you paid to LearnDash, you acknowledge and agree that your Site License is terminated and that LearnDash has no further obligations to you with respect to these Terms, or the subject matter hereunder.

4. License Restrictions

You, as a Site License holder, cannot distribute, freely give away, or resell your Site License. If you wish to transfer your Site License, you must contact LearnDash and request an official transfer of the Site License to a new owner. The Site License is intended to be used only on your website(s), provided that certain usage on your client’s site is permitted in situations where you maintain an ongoing relationship with the client as a consultant. Only you, as Site License holder, are permitted to request support or access support resources. LearnDash reserves the right to terminate a Site License with if LearnDash reasonably believes that you are in violation of these Terms.