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Check out the complete list of procurement templates to help you make purchases, draft solicitations (e.g., RFPs, IFBs), or track fixed assets.


Check out available guides, visual aids, and learning materials to help you better navigate the procurement and contracting process.


Take online courses to help you learn how to purchase commodities and equipment, bid-out construction projects, or procure services.


See what other external resources are available to help you better learn and navigate the procurement and contracting process.

Why is Procurement Important?

Procurement is a powerful tool that local leaders can use to improve resident outcomes and deliver equitable services. It is the process through which governments buy goods and services to run programs and advance strategic goals within local communities. Therefore, in order for the City of Jackson to accomplish its core function as a municipality, city employees must fully understand the important role they play in day-to-day procurement operations. Enabling staff to fully understand their role in procurement will allow them to buy goods and services in a more effective, efficient, equitable, and strategic manner.

Procurement Guides

Need help with procuring goods or services in the City of Jackson? Search through the available list of procurement guides to help you with whatever you need.

Procurement Checklist

Use this step-by-step guide for all of your procurement needs in the City of Jackson.

Market Research Guide

Learn how to conduct market research prior to requesting quotes or soliciting bids.

RFP Guidebook

Learn how to better manage and write a results-driven Request for Proposals (RFPs).

Fixed Assets Manual

Manage your fixed assets based on the policies set by the Mississippi State Auditor.

State Contracts Guide

Learn how to procure commodities and equipment by using State Contracts available through the State of Mississippi’s Department of Finance & Administration (DFA).

Express Product Lists (EPLs) Guide

Learn how to procure Information Technology (IT) equipment using Express Product Lists (EPLs) available through the State of Mississippi’s Department of Information Technology Services (ITS).

Procurement Templates

Request for Proposals (RFP) Template

Writing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to procure professional for a complex project? Don’t start from scratch, use the city’s standardized RFP template to help you get started.

Request for Proposals (RFP) Checklist

Writing an RFP? Need help to make sure you have included everything? Use the attached RFP Checklist to make sure your RFP is complete prior to seeking a review from Legal.

Invitation for Bid (IFB) Template

Writing an Invitation for Bid to buy commodities or simple services? Don’t start from scratch, use the city’s standardized IFB template to help you get started.

Quote Request Form

Buying something for less than $75,000? Fill out the attached form and send this to participating vendors to provide your Department with an accurate quote.

Fixed Asset Acquisition Form

Buying something over $1,000 with a useful life >1 year? Fill out the attached Fixed Asset Acquisition Form and include this in your requisition request.

Vehicle Equipment Approval Template

Buying vehicles? Make sure you fill out and get the attached form signed before purchasing your vehicles

Procurement Courses

Check out our procurement training library and grow in your understanding of how to navigate the procurement and contracting process in the City of Jackson.

Commodities & Equipment

Under Construction

Procuring Construction

Under Construction

Procuring Services

Under Construction

The Payment PRocess

Under Construction


Check out these additional resources for help navigating the public procurement and contracting process.

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