Employee Engagement

1) Know What Is Expected

Employees need to know what is expected of them at work so that they can
commit, deliver and focus on what matters most

2) Keep Them Supplied with What They Need

Getting people what they need to do their work is important in maximizing efficiency, in demonstrating
to employees that their work is valued and in showing that the company is supporting them in
what they are asked to do.

3) Keep Them Doing What They Do Best

The most powerful benefit a manager can provide employees is to place them in roles
that allow them to apply the best of their natural selves — their talents — as well as their skills and
knowledge every day

4) Timely Praise

Employees need to know their efforts are appreciated and acknowledged in real time or in a very regular interval (monthly evaluations for example)

5) Treat Employees as Humans

Take a personal interest in your employees. Learn their birthday, favorite holiday or beloved hobby.

6) Encourage Growth

Every employee needs help navigating the course of his or her career. Employees want to know there is someone looking out for and encouraging them to grow and develop, helping to push them beyond their current position. The need to learn and grow is a natural human instinct. Where there is growth, there is innovation.

7) Encourage Engagement

Employees want to feel valued. They want to know that their input is important and
that they are making a significant contribution and a difference to the environment in which
they work.

8) Communicate the Mission

Employees want to believe in what their employers do. When employees feel that their job is important, they want to do more.

9) Appreciate and Expect Quality Work from Everyone

Employees need to know that their colleagues are committed to producing quality work. They need to have honest and open communication, an understanding of each other’s work, and respect for each other’s efforts and results.

10) Chart the Journey

Employees need to understand how they are doing, how their work is perceived and where their work
is heading. How do they help the mission? What does their future hold?

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